I think this might be the creepiest love stare he’s ever done


are you sure?




let’s not forget


he was following his every movement look at him you know when you tease a dog with a piece of meat like you trail it back and forth in front of thier face and they innocently follow it because they want it so bad and it’s like they’re hypnotized?that’s this that’s what’s happening here (evancl)


My favorite thing about 1DDay was when Piers Morgan asked Louis how many girlfriends he’s had, and Louis asked him to ‘define girlfriends’ before saying that he’s only ever had one proper relationship, not one proper girlfriend

"is a management team deliberately keeping them away from media outlets part of this cyclic decline?" Decline is a fact of any life cycle curve, however Management keeping them away from media outlets is accelerating the process. Here is a good article from 2007 talking about a life cycle as it relates to bands. www(.)9giantsteps(.)com/2007/02/26/arcade-fire-explained-by-the-life-cycle-curve/

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I agree with you.

My personal opinion is that there is a behind the scenes power struggle. Modest knows that their contract is not going to be renewed. So they are trying to set themselves up for the future by devaluing 1D and promoting 5SOS. Part of this strategy included not allowing 1D to do any radio interviews, etc. during the tour. That may be what caused the radio play weirdness we are seeing with SMG.

On the other side, we have 1D, which is nearing the end of the boyband life cycle. If they want to achieve longevity, they will need to rebrand. Part of that rebranding will involve significant changes to their public images. They will therefore need the assistance and cooperation of their management company. Modest will not cooperate with a rebranding, so there is no point in attempting it until after the management transition.

Therefore, Four is not the rebranding album, but is another transitional album. Perhaps they had hoped to use this album for rebranding, which is why we saw the collaborations and the free Fireproof release. But maybe something fell apart behind the scenes that made them realise they had to wait. So the collabs were pulled from the album (hopefully being saved for the next album), and SMG was released as the single.

What I wouldn’t give to know when Modest will be gone.



One Direction literally ended The Wanted’s career and started 5 Seconds of Summer’s. One Direction can literally make you or break you. Who let them gain this much power


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